What to Expect in Worship

Every Sunday
10:00 AM (EST)

60 Minutes

If you’ve never come to church or you’ve been away for a while, if you’re feeling curious or spiritually hungry, come visit Canterbury United Community Church for a Sunday service. We welcome all persons regardless of background, ability, gender identity, sexuality, or heritage, and we welcome all ages from newborns through nineties. Wherever you are on your spiritual walk, you are welcome here!

Here’s what you’ll find. Folks gather at 10 (during the school year) for about an hour. Some dress for comfort (jeans or shorts and a tee shirt), and some dress up. A friendly greeter will welcome you and help you get settled. People will say hello. As worship begins, we spend time in quiet meditation, music, and prayer. Kids can play or color quietly in the pews or stretch their legs outside. Childcare is available in the Parish House next door. In worship, we consider passages from the Bible and contemporary writing and art. What do these voices teach us about life in God? We sing. We pray for our community and the world. We take a free will offering. After worship we gather in the Parish House or out in the yard for coffee, conversation, and tasty snacks.

Though we often pray and sing together (that’s our Congregational heritage), our beliefs are diverse. At CUCC, you’ll find yourself among people in various stages of faith and doubt—the Jesus-lovers sitting with the Jesus-curious. We seek to understand ourselves and Jesus’ Good News through life shared. We differ in our backgrounds, our biblical interpretation, and our sense of calling, but we agree that loving God means loving our neighbor and the stranger, that love calls us to service, and that all people and all creation are precious to God.

Parking and Accessibility
Canterbury, NH

Our cozy church is located in the town center of Canterbury, NH. It fits about 60 people and visitors are always welcome! Feel free to park in the paved area outside of the church (where you’ll see other cars lined up) or at the library behind the church.

There are 3 wide steps that lead up to the doors of the church, but we do have a portable ramp to make the sanctuary accessible and welcome people of all abilities! The Parish House has a ramp on the side nearest the Sam Lake House to access the upstairs for coffee hour.