The Canterbury United Community Church is maintained by the following committees:

  1. Canterbury Fair Committee
  2. Christian Education Committee
  3. Finance Committee
  4. Membership Committee
  5. Memorial Fund Committee
  6. Music Committee
  7. Nominating Committee
  8. Outreach Committee
  9. Pastoral Relations Committee
  10. Stewardship/Audit Committee

Scroll down to see each Committee description and its current members.


Canterbury Fair Committee (for the 2018 Fair)

Chair: Lisa Carlson

Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee plans and initiates, with the Pastor, a total religious education program. The Committee also advises and coordinates the program. The Christian Growth and Learning Committee appoints a Church School Superintendent, Church School Teachers, and advisers to the youth members of the Church.
Chair: Kim Wieck
Members: Bob Drew

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the functions of the Treasurer and Collector, the Church financial record-keeping policies, and investments and the acceptance of gifts to the Church. The Committee also arranges periodic auditing of the Church’s financial records.
Chair: Stephen Buchanan-Parker
Members: Jim Sojka

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee identifies and recommends individuals for membership, and helps new members integrate into the Church.
Chair: Pastor Sara Rossigg
Members: Karen Buchanan-Parker, Jessie Tichko, Florence Woods, Faith Berry, Judy Nelson, Rick Crockford

Memorial Fund Committee

The Memorial Fund Committee receives and reports memorial fund information from the Collector, and acknowledges gifts made to the Church. The Committee also reviews requests for expenditures from memorial funds and submits recommendations to the Church Council.
Chair: Mary Witschonke
Members: Sandra Scripture, Diane Modugno/Lydia West

Music Committee

The primary responsibility of the Music Committee is to assist the Organist and Choir Director in providing a quality music program for the Church. The Committee assists and supports the organist/choir director, and consults with her/him about any music concerns. The Music Committee serves as a link between the Church Council, the congregation, and the organist/choir director, and helps to coordinate musical events at the Church and in the community.
Chair: Janet Ball
Members: Harry Kinter, Chuck Sanborn

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares and reports a list of nominees for all open offices at the Church Annual Meeting.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee plans, recommends, and carries out the Outreach Program of the Church, including the use of benevolence funds and development of the Church’s Outreach mission of service in the community and the world. The Committee evaluates the various needs of the greater local community as well as national and international needs, focusing on food and shelter locally, nationally and also education more frequently needed internationally.
Chair: Sue Heppenstall, David Lamb
Members: Howart Moffett

Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Committee serves as an advisory group to the Pastor and advocates for the Pastor’s leadership in the Congregation. The Committee also serves as a liaison between the pastor and the congregation to communicate suggestions and mediate any issues or concerns which may arise. We make announcements throughout the year to the congregation during the church service morning announcements, to promote awareness of the mission of the Pastoral Relations Committee and to ask for feedback.
Constructive and caring communication in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust are essential to the work of the Pastoral Relations Committee. We believe that it is always better to be aware of feelings and try and solve problems right away, so they can be handled and resolved equitably and smoothly. Since members of the congregation may hesitate to contact the pastor directly, we serve as an intermediary to discuss issues to the pastor and then the pastor can follow up directly when appropriate.
The Committee formally meets 4 times a year with the Pastor. One member of the Pastoral Relations Committee goes to the monthly Church Council meetings and records issues discussed during the Church Council executive sessions (at the end of every Church Council meeting). The Committee also organizes the holiday bonuses for the Pastor and choir director.

Chair: Ginny Litalien
Members: David Lamb, Joan Leggett

Stewardship/Audit Committee

The Stewardship Committee educates and encourages church members in use of resources as a gift from God. Members of the Stewardship Committee work with others to encourage giving in support of the church’s operating budget, building projects, town newsletter, and outreach initiatives. The Committee annually plans and completes a Pledge Campaign to encourage church members to pledge, and reports the results of the pledge campaign to the Collector and the congregation.
Chair: Mark Travis
Members: Amanda Grappone Osmer