The Canterbury United Community Church is sustained by the efforts of the following team of Officers:


(preaches the Word, cares for services of worship, administers the ordinances,
promotes the spiritual welfare of the church and of persons of all faiths in the community,
visits the sick and the needy, calls upon new members and introduces new families
into the life of the church, serves as ex-officio member of all boards and committees)

Pastor Sara Rossigg
hless40 at gmail dot com


(aid the Pastor in preparation and administration of ordinances, introduce new families into the life of the church,
cooperate with the Pastor in promoting and administering to the spiritual needs of the church and community,
appoint church members to the Lay Ministry (who visits/contacts new church members, the sick, and the needy,
and others in the community), coordinate the workings of the Lay Ministry with the Pastor)

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 Chair: Karen Buchanan-Parker                                Jessie Tichko                                            Florence Woods………
saltyladynh at hotmail dot com             tshot at myfairpoint dot net             l-fwoods at comcast dot net
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Faith Berry                                                              Judy Nelson
berryannefaith at yahoo dot com                   judithpnelson at gmail dot com


(responsible for the care and custody of the property of the Church; can buy, sell,
mortgage, lease, or transfer property after a specific vote of the Church; the
Chair or their designee is a member of the Canterbury Fair Committee)

Chair: Ron Turcotte
turc48 at yahoo dot com


(presides at all Church business and Council meetings)

Jim Wieck
james dot wieck at gza dot com


(keeps record of the proceedings of the Church and Church Council; maintains the membership list;
records baptisms, marriages and deaths and reports to the Church at the Annual Meeting)

Rick Crockford
rcrockford at laconiaschools dot org


(responsible for accounts payable and receiving of interest from Church investments, keeps the Church
accounts, makes payments as authorized, provides reports to the Church and Church Council)

Lydia West
cucctreas at gmail dot com


(record, balance, and deposit all contributions to the Church; provide semiannual reports to donors)

Deputy Collector: Jim Sojka
jsojka at plodzik dot com
Collector: Debbie Snow
mmequilt at comcast dot net


Sonette van der Merwe
mycanterburychurch at gmail dot com