The Canterbury United Community Church is governed by a representative body known as the Church Council (comprised of the Pastor, Moderator, Chairs of both the Diaconate and Trustees, Clerk, and a representative of each of the Committees. The Church Council oversees the general affairs of the Church, the time and character of Church services, music, ways and means of financing, collection and distribution of benevolence, filling vacancies, communications with other organizations, creation of committees, and preparation of the church budget. The Church Council is subject to the instructions of the Church. Church members and friends are welcome to attend the Council meetings, which are generally held on the second Thursday of each month at 7 pm. During these meetings the Council reviews the activities of the committees, our Pastor, and the church budget.  The Council also makes important decisions regarding our communal Church family life, including review of changes to worship and the physical and financial assists of the Congregation.


An Annual Meeting is held (generally on the second Sunday in March) to hear the annual reports of the Church officers, organizations, and committees; to elect officers; and to adopt plans for the new year.